Powerful software tools for strategic insights

Making sense of millions of patent documents in various languages, understanding complex communication patterns in distributed R&D teams, helping decision-makers to understand the complex background of regional conflicts; data can help to grasp complex situations.

Providing insights that are easily understandable by decision makers is key to delivering tangible benefits.

We support organizations in identifying and evaluating future technology opportunities. Understanding your mission and the obstacles solving that mission is where we begin.

Our interdisciplinary teams of engineers and social science experts go out to the field to understand the current situation and provide custom-tailored solutions, integrating your organizations current strengths and augmenting them with new technologies and processes.

Dedicated to enabling you

Given our profound knowledge of intellectual property and our R&D knowledge, we see innovative technologies long before they are available on the market. The next ground-breaking NLP algorithm, the long awaited machine-learning solution or the much anticipated Rich Semantic Graph tool are without benefit if not properly understood and adapted into the context of an organization.

Our ongoing dialogue with organizations and decision makers provides us with a good understanding of emerging and proven technologies that are destined to make an important impact.

Contact us to discuss how we can support your organization to reach your mission objective with innovative technology and solutions.